The H2S-02 electric skateboard is for the more experienced skateboarder, with twin 350W motors it’s no slouch. A top speed of 20km/h and climb a gradient of 10°. The board is made of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood and 1 layer of bamboo for added strength. You’re in control!  With the wireless remote controller you can choose to go forward or back, change speed and control the braking.




  • Motor power:  700W (2 x 350W)
  • Material: Maple Wood (7 layers), Bamboo (1 layer)
  • Max. Speed:  20km/h
  • Max. Range:  15km/h
  • Battery:  25.2V 4ah
  • Hand held wireless remote control
  • Gradient:  10°
  • Tyres:  70mm PU Tyres
  • Charging time:  3 hours
  • Max. Load:  100Kg
  • Weight:  4.2Kg
  • Board size:  82 x 21.5 x 14cm
  • Certification:  CE,

E-Skateboard H2S-02 (700W)

  • Battery Care

    Keep your electric scooter in a dry environment. Do not leave your electric scooter in the freezing cold or in the sun during hot weather. Keep the battery dry.


    Avoid Riding Electric Scooters on Wet Surfaces

    Electric scooters are made up of several electric components, which may fail if exposed to water. Electric scooters are typically meant for dry hard surfaces.