The highly popular Bogist C1 Pro is a mid-range scooter, however at 600W don’t underestimate the power of this rugged electric scooter. The seat has its own suspension and is fully removable. The high capacity Smart BMS battery has a max range of 25 miles. The IP64 rating makes this scooter extremely water resistant and the 10” pneumatic tyres means this scooter can tackle almost any terrain.



  • Foldable seated electric scooter
  • Motor power:  600W
  • Gradient:  25° 
  • Double Brake System:  front electronic / rear disc
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy
  • Lithium Battery:  48V 13Ah   
  • IP Rating:  IP64
  • Throttle:  Thumb
  • Charging time:  6 - 7 hours
  • Display:  LCD
  • Front Lights:  Powerful LED
  • Rear Lights:  Brake Lights
  • Suspension:  front / rear
  • Tyres:  10” Pneumatic
  • 3 Speeds: Eco / Mid / Sport
  • Max. Speed:  28mph
  • Max. Range:  18 - 25 miles
  • Max. Load:  150Kg
  • Weight:  23Kg
  • Folded Size:  119 x 45 x 43cm
  • Unfolded Size:  119 x 45 x 116cm
  • Certification:  CE

C1 Pro Electric Scooter

  • Battery Care

    Keep your electric scooter in a dry environment. Do not leave your electric scooter in the freezing cold or in the sun during hot weather. Keep the battery dry.


    Avoid Riding Electric Scooters on Wet Surfaces

    Electric scooters are made up of several electric components, which may fail if exposed to water. Electric scooters are typically meant for dry hard surfaces.