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How to choose the right electric scooter..

Updated: Feb 11

E-scooters are becoming more and more popular all over the world.

For children, it is a form of entertainment and a great gadget toy, while for adults it is a convenient means of transport. If you do not want to use publicly available subscription equipment, available in many cities, you can buy an electric scooter on your own. We advise you on how to make the right decision and which equipment will be right for you!

Electric Scooters in London
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Electric scooter - adjust the selection to the age, height and weight of the user

It is distinguished from the traditional scooter by the fact that the electric version of the vehicle does not require constant pushing off the road with one of the legs. It is powered by a small battery engine (or two), which is important for the speed achieved - most models can accelerate from 20 to even 80 km / h! There are no age restrictions for the use of e-scooters. Therefore, they can be both a gift for a child and a teenager, and an adult's choice. It is obvious, however, that the parameters for each of these people should be different.

Light, easy to carry equipment is best for children and teenagers. Choose variants weighing up to 10 kg, such as the Frugal Twist electric scooter, which weighs only 7.5 kg. This model loads quickly, accelerates to 23 km / h and has a range of up to 13 km. It is therefore a great means of transport for young people for family trips or a gadget to play in the yard. When choosing, you should also pay attention to the maximum load. The mentioned model has a load capacity of up to 90 kg, so it will not work well for adults. Therefore, it is worth choosing equipment that is made of more solid materials and can bear up to 120 kg

Electric scooters, due to the fact that they are equipped with a steering wheel, should also be adjusted to their height or adjusted in terms of height.

Choose good quality equipment

The e-scooter market is developing very dynamically, which is why the stores offer a wide range of products. Some meet really high customer expectations and present great parameters, while others are distinguished by a low price, which usually does not go hand in hand with quality. Due to the fact that this is equipment that participates in the movement, which can accelerate up to several dozen kilometres per hour, it is worth focusing on a high standard of performance. This will ensure the safety of the user and others. What's more, such a one-time investment can pay off - instead of worrying about faults, expensive repairs or even replacing the equipment with a new one, it is better to buy a reputable model in a proven store than a market equivalent. Thanks to this, you will gain a guarantee and confidence that in the event of a failure, you can count on the help of the service.

Equipment weight - the weight of the device is primarily influenced by the materials from which it is made. For example, the Dualtron Spider electric scooter model is made of a combination of a special magnesium alloy, fiberglass and aluminium, which guarantees relatively lightness. Despite the relatively low weight (19.9 kg), the structure is also very durable and allows you to carry two motors with a total power of 3000W. Maximum speed - devices available on the market have a very wide range of possibilities in terms of performance. Devices that are sufficient for beginners and recreational e-scooters can accelerate to approx. 25 km / h - e.g. the Frugal Dynamic electric scooter. More advanced models can speed up to 80 km / h

Device range - models differ in how long the distance can be travelled on them on a full charge. For short rides, those that cover 10 to 20 kilometres will work. However, if you are planning a longer trip or you do not want to charge it every time you use the device, it is worth choosing more advanced variants.

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