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Ditch your Car and Travel for Pennies

Updated: Feb 11

Regardless of where you live in the United Kingdom, it is likely that you will run into high travel costs. Public transport rates in the UK are among the highest in Europe. Traveling to work on a weekly basis can become very expensive. Despite the need to reduce the number of people driving petrol-powered vehicles, the public transport system simply does not inspire faith that it offers good value for money. So, many people choose to go down the route of using their car or motorcycle to get from A to B.

Harley Style Electric Motorcycle
The Lowrider Electric Motorcycle

Today, though, there is a growing intrigue in the use of electric motorcycles. However, while growing in popularity all the time – indeed, the market is expected to grow massively over the next decade – the use of electric bikes is still not commonplace. For every electric vehicle, there are multiple petrol vehicles on the road still.

Indeed, you might even be wondering are electric motorcycles road legal? – This is further proof of the lack of clarity for many drivers and rivers. However, regardless of whether you drive around on a city-friendly 125cc moped, a street fighter motorcycle, a petrol-swallowing jeep, or a classic sedan car, you could make the change.

Indeed, you could ditch your car and travel for a fraction of the cost you are traveling at just now!

The rise of the electric motorcycles

Over the last few years, you have no doubt noticed the change yourself. Some bikes glide past you on the road, barely making a sound. Someone flies past you on an electric scooter, nimbly dodging all potential traffic as they glide through the streets of the city. All without making a sound, and all simply stopping by at many of the growing number of charging stations across the country.

This is common, this is how people travel today. The growth of the electric motorcycle has many deciding factors, but the main reasons include:

· A desire to find a more economically viable means of travel locally and afar.

· An interest in living a more environmentally conscious life, free from costly equipment.

· The need to find a new way to commute that does not rely upon expensive public transport.

· Passion for electronic motorised vehicles, and their rising popularity with younger riders.

These are just a few of the main reasons why you might see more and more people out on the roads and streets with electric vehicles. From smaller electric scooters aimed at those looking for an easy way to travel locally to electric motorcycles aimed at those looking for a new way to commute, options are varied.

The rise of electric motorcycles, though, comes down to their suitability to modern life. What, though, are the main benefits of such a product? Why are so many drivers (and riders) going electric?

The main benefits of electric bikes

1. Stop harming the environment

The most common reason that people today invest in such a vehicle is to lessen their impact on the environment. Today, it is common for people to be more environmentally conscious for the simple reason they understand the severity of the issue.

Climate change, and thus our impact on the environment as a species, is something we cannot ignore. While it might be convenient to stay with the cheap car/bike that you can buy from a vendor and fill-up at the petrol station, it is not good for our environment. The more we rely upon fossil fuels to manage so many aspects of life, the more severe our environmental impact becomes.

For that reason, many are going electric in their bid to do their bit for the environment. For years, many have assumed that small changes in their personal life are so negligible on the grand scale that they do not bother. However, if more of us go electric, then we will succeed in having a positive effect on our environment, not only here in the UK but ultimately in globally.

The effect of using petrol vehicles has a big impact on the environment, and we need to move away from that decisively. The switch to using an electric motorcycle is a great way to make that shift. It is not only the environment that will benefit, though. As the below list shows, you too also gain a great many benefits from making the switch to electric riding.

2. Lower running costs

One of the most expensive parts of owning a vehicle is the cost of running your car/bike in the first place. Petrol in the UK has always been quite expensive and is currently at an all-time high. As such, many people are paying what they used to pay for a weeks’ worth of petrol to receive just 3-4 days of petrol for their commute.

At the end of the month, this all adds up. And every time you fill up your tank it is another finite resource being used. Find yourself stuck in traffic? Then you can see a lot of petrol money simply wasted sitting waiting to move. This is why so many riders – even bikers – find the cost of ownership so prohibitive to regular riding.

By switching to something more cost-effective, like electric motorcycles, you spend far less per month on running costs overall. (The average cost to fully charge a 30ah battery is £0.50)

This also packs into the actual cost of running the bike, too. There are far less parts involved in an electric motorcycle. This means that it is much easier to get repaired should something go wrong. There are no spark plugs, air filters, timing belts etc. for you to worry about. Therefore, repairs and maintenance to prolong longevity is much easier for a mechanic or even for yourself to repair.

As such, the overall cost of owning an electric motorcycle can become so much easier for you to wrestle with.

3. Lower taxation

Vehicles that fall into the electric category do not need to be road taxed. If you buy an electric scooter which are currently not road legal then you naturally do not need to buy any tax. If you buy an electric motorcycle, which are road legal, though (something that requires an actual driving license, such as your CBT license or a full driving licence obtained before February 2001), then you avoid paying any road tax.

You will also find that electric motorcycle insurance can be much more affordable. So, if costs are a big part of your riding experience, reduce them by going electric.

4. Modern battery technology

Another huge benefit of going electric is the battery tech. The earliest days of electric motorcycles seen many riders running out of energy half-way through their journey. Then, they would need to wait many hours for their vehicle to charge. Today, this is no longer the case.

For one, batteries are much longer lasting than they were at first. Modern batteries provide better endurance. Charging stations are both more prominent and more powerful, leading to quicker and easier charging for your electric ride. You could most likely charge your vehicle back up at work so you know you can get home without any issues.

For those who are very conscious about energy, though, many batteries can be swapped out and replaced. This means you simply need to bring a spare battery with you. Now, should you reach lower power than expected mid-trip, you can stop off, switch the battery, and charge up the empty battery when you reach your destination.

It really is that simple for anyone who wants to make sure they are never caught short. Very few petrol riders can carry a can of petrol around with them. You can easily bring a second battery in a bag or even in the storage on your electric vehicle.

5. Greater control

Another reason to go down the route of electric motorcycles is how they provide you with power. Electric motorcycles are not slow; they can easily hit their top speed with consistency and control. You get 100% instant torque, so you can easily accelerate out of the traffic lights etc. knowing your bike is capable of giving you maximum power without any issues.

A fuel powered bike, while potentially more powerful due to having a larger engine, cannot offer that same level of control over speed. The linear torque means that you can enjoy taking off at maximum speed without the torquey feeling that a petrol vehicle carries. While some riders might miss that feeling, others will find it much easier to control.

Making the decision

The above touches on just some of the main benefits of going electric. From a more lightweight vehicle and a quieter riding experience through to knowing you are doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint, there are simply too many reasons to ignore. From a financial, mechanical, and ethical standpoint, there is no comparison: going electric is the present and the future.

With the sale of petrol vehicles likely to be banned by 2040, we are entering the last couple of decades of the petrol era. Therefore, for any rider who wants to get ahead of the game and find themselves a safe way to ride for the long-term then it might be time to go electric.

Electric motorcycles are road legal with the right insurance and license. Electric scooters can be easily ridden around in many off-road settings. Regardless of whether it’s a vehicle to commute around to the store with or to get to work with every day, changing to electric is the wisest choice you could make this year.

Don’t delay any further than you need to – get an electric motorcycle today, and start feeling the benefits both for yourself and for the planet.

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