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6 Reasons to Love the Citycoco Electric Scooter

Updated: Feb 11

Citycoco Pro electric scooters are popping up all over Europe these days. In fact, sales of electric scooters in the UK between 2018 and 2019 have almost doubled, with some retailers reporting a 50% jump in sales. The crazy thing is riding an electric scooter in the UK isn’t actually legal (unless you’re on private land). The good news is we’re getting closer to the government making a decision on this. On the 9th May 2020 the Transport Minister announced there would electric scooter trials in June and they would run across the UK. This is a move in the right direction and has taken far too long. There is going to be an explosion of electric scooters here in the UK, I say don’t just get a good scooter, get a good one with style…

electric scooter with seat
Citycoco Electric Scooter

Electric scooters range from 350w to 7000w these scooters can be pretty nippy, fun, but also make commuting much more cost effective than it’s ever been. If you’re contemplating joining the e scooter trend, the Citycoco models are the kings of convenience. These scooters of today are made with cutting edge safety features like oil disc brakes both front and rear and coupled with their reliability you’re guaranteed the best electric scooter experience. Still wondering if this is just hype? Here are some of the reasons why electric scooters have become the new ‘cool.’

1. Citycoco scooters are super affordable

An electric scooter won’t cost you an arm and leg.

You don’t need to take out huge loans to get yourself a cool new scooter and now it's even easier to get that scooter you've always wanted when you sign up with Laybuy.

2. An electric scooter is cost-efficient

The cost-efficiency of an electric scooter goes beyond being affordable.

These pretty-looking things run on battery which is powered by electricity. You won’t have to spend anything much on gas. And because they do not require extensive maintenance, they’ll save you even more money, going forward.

3. Scooters are better for the environment

More people in the world are making a conscious decision to make the world a cleaner and safer place. If you care about your carbon footprint and would like to commute without doing harm to the environment, a Citycoco electric scooter is a smart decision. First, they don’t require as many raw materials to manufacture compared to a car or bus, for example. And secondly, they are powered by electricity so you don’t go around emitting toxic gases into the environment.

4. Citycoco scooters are super convenient to use

While electric scooter in the UK are making inroads into major cities and neighbourhoods across the country, a lot of people still assume that these cool rides are meant for only tech-savvy individuals. The Citycoco models are however super easy and convenient to use. This ease of use is why they are usually recommended as the preferred electric scooter for adults.

5. Electric scooters are fun

Electric scooters help you get ahead. They're very convenient to use and affordable to purchase. While their functionality and efficiency are highly superb, they also have this ‘cool’ factor and are super fun to ride. These pretty machines tend to make adults feel young and hippy and they are loved by people of all ages.

6. No more parking problem

Spending hours in traffic and not having enough space to park is one experience most people find very stressful and frustrating. The Citycoco scooter, or any other electric scooter for that matter will help you avoid parking problems. You can scoot right up to the door or the nearby curb without the stress or worries.

And finally,

A superb build and design

While there are different brands in the market, anyone looking for the best electric scooter can never go wrong with a Citycoco scooter. These particular models are built to last and you won’t have to worry about highly demanding car maintenance, regular oil changes, or frequent part replacement issues.

Citycoco scooters are, practical and fun as they are cool. If you’ve been looking for an alternate mode of transportation, one that is convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, a Citycoco electric scooter might just be the thing for you..

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