About Us

We are passionate about what we do and about the future of our planet. , Our aim is to reduce harmful emissions caused by traditional means of transport by providing a zero carbon footprint mode of transport - Electric Motorcycles, Scooters and Bikes.  They are cost effective and sustainable, fun to ride and allows you to stand out from the crowd with our vehicle customisations.

The growing trend of the electric motorcycles, scooters and bikes in our cities clearly shows there is a growing desire and necessity here in the UK for good quality reliable electric vehicles and we want to play our part in that.

We supply a variety of electric vehicles of the highest build quality that’s been tested in the field so we’re assured quality is never compromised.  


The world is changing and traditional motor vehicles are no longer sustainable. Even our greener public transport system doesn’t go far enough. We want to live in a world where our children can safely enjoy a pollutant free environment, one that’s not only sustainable today but for the foreseeable future..   

It’s time to evolve!